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GVHDGraft-versus-Host-Disease. A disease caused when the donor's stem cells (the graft) attack the normal tissue of the transplant patient. Also called GVHD. can be a frustrating complication of transplant, particularly since most patients don't know others who are struggling with the problem. It can also be frustrating if local doctors are unfamiliar with the disease and how to treat it.

You can communicate with others who have GVHD through an online chat room at BMT Support.org or through an electronic GVHD mailing list on the Association of Cancer Online Resources web site. The chat room meets at a specified time each week, whereas the electronic mailing list enables patients to communicate by email on a daily basis.

If you would like to communicate one-on-one with another survivor who has had GVHD, BMT InfoNet's Caring Connections Program can help. More than 800 volunteers participate in this program, many of whom have had graftHealthy blood forming stem cells used to replace a patient's diseased blood forming stem cells-versus-host disease and can provide emotional support.

National Bone Marrow Transplant-Link periodically offers a telephone support group for patients with GVHD. 

Last updated on 10/02/2015
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