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Team BMT - Join Us!

TEAM BMTMoving Forward, Paying Back!

WHAT is Team BMT?

Team BMT is a new, exciting opportunity to support and ensure the success of the 5th National Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Survivorship Symposium. 

When you join Team BMT, you not only earn exciting benefits to help defray the cost of attending the symposium, but you will join a team of passionate and highly engaged volunteers who support the work and vision of BMT InfoNet. Our mission is to ensure that transplant patients and their families get the information and support they need to save lives and live well after transplant.


WHO joins Team BMT?

We are the survivors, caregivers, family, friends and supporters of those who are given a second birthday through a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant. As we move forward we also want to payback!


HOW do I join Team BMT?

Membership starts with the attitude that "I want to support" ... Once you have that, you can take the next steps:

 1. Set your goal. A minimum of $500 with a suggested goal of $2,000

 2. Set up a fundraising page on theweb site CrowdRise at:


 3. Fundraising deadline is April 1st 2013 (no joke)


EARN Great Prizes!

When you join TEAM BMT, not only will you support the important work of BMT InfoNet, but you will also be eligible to earn wonderful prizes and rewards.  As you move up the fundraising ladder, the prizes get better and better!  Check out the Goals and Rewards tab to see what you can earn while helping a great cause. 


I'm Ready to Join. Now What?

FIRST: Set up your Personal CrowdRise Fundraising Page

1. Visit http://www.crowdrise.com/CelebratingaSecondChanceatLife

2. Click the JOIN THE TEAM button

3. Then either sign into your CrowdRise account or create a new account in just seconds.

4. After your page is created, add pictures and text to make your fundraising page super compelling for your donors. When writing your story make it personal. Use emotions to describe your story. Include why attending the 2013 Survivorship Symposium is important to you or how BMT InfoNet helps transplant survivors and their loved ones.


SECOND: Start spreading the word

1. Let others know that you are passionate about the cause!

2. Send an email with a direct link to your CrowdRise fundraising page (just copy and paste your URL into an email and ask everyone you know to support you.)

3. Post on your Facebook page and welcome donations.

4. Tweet it!

5. Encourage your family members to spread the word too.

6. Thank each person for their generous donation and let them know how much their support means.

7. Suggest a contribution to your CrowdRise page instead of a birthday or holiday gift.


OR PLAN an Event!

Check out the Fundraising Ideas tab on the left for some fun ways to raise money for Team BMT.  Our fundraising coaches are ready to help you set up an awesome event!



You're just a few clicks away from earning rewards and raising money for an important cause. Get going and HAVE FUN!


Contact the Team BMT captain, Cindy Kessler at Cindy@bmtinfonet.org or 847-433-3313 for questions and help in setting up your CrowdRise page.


Who is BMT InfoNet?

BMT InfoNet is a not-for-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to helping families facing a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant. To learn more about the important information and many services we provide go to www.bmtinfonet.org. We help patients every step of the way - before, during and after transplant.


What is CrowdRise?

CrowdRise is an innovative, web-based personal fundraising platform that is easy to use and seamless to integrate into your social universe.  When you and your friends donate to your CrowdRise page the funds go directly to BMTinfonet to support our patient service programs.  AllAcute lymphoblastic leukemia. donations through CrowdRise are tax-deductible and donors will receive receipts from Network for Good with all applicable and necessary information for taxes.


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