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Meet Our Team

Susan K. Stewart

Executive Director

As Executive Director and founder of BMT InfoNet, Sue is responsible for overseeing allAcute lymphoblastic leukemia. operations of BMT InfoNet. A transplant survivor herself, she brings great insight and perspective to her work and is widely considered a vital resource to the entire transplant community. Sue authored Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cell Transplants: A Guide for Patients and AutologousTaken from an individual's own tissues, cells, or DNA. Stem Cell Transplants: A Handbook for Patients. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Sociology/Urban Affairs.

Marla O'Keefe

Director, Outreach

Marla is BMT InfoNet's project director coordinating, among other projects, the  the online Transplant Center Directory and the national Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Survivorship Symposium. She has a BA in Journalism from Indiana University. Marla was also a stem cell donor for an unrelated patient, an experience she describes as very humbling.


Cindy Kessler

Director, Patient Support Services

Cindy oversees BMT's Caring Connections program where transplant survivors and their loved ones  share their stories and provide emotional support to newly diagnosed patients and their families. As the parent of a child diagnosed with leukemia at a young age, Cindy understands the emotional turmoil families face when a loved one is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.


Patty O'Machel

Patient Assistance Fund

Patty is responsible administering BMT InfoNet's Patient Assistance Fund which helps transplant patients with incidental expenses as they go through treatment.  She also coordinates the production of the Celebrating Life calendarr which honors transplant survivors each month. Patty graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and earned a Masters Degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. 


Lynne Spina

Special Projects

Lynne oversees the printing of literature, produces electronic promotional communications, administers the organization's FaceBook page, promotes BMT InfoNet hosted webinars and special programs, writes and edits patient directed literature and collaborates with vendors. She also handles marketing for the Celebrating Life Survivorship Symposiums and works on-site. Empathetic to the caregiver experience, Lynne became involved in the vital work of BMT InfoNet after her brother recovered from a stem cell transplant. 


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