The 2021 Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Symposium concluded Friday, April 23rd.

If you missed this amazing event, don't worry. 

Click here to watch the recorded workshops.


What Attendees are Saying about the Symposium:

"THANK YOU!!! I have needed this. The access to all these amazing doctors and their insights has opened up for me a new world of information I have been seeking. I actually now feel inspired as a survivor."


"Exceeded Expectations. It was very intriguing to know that I am not alone in this crazy mood swing life."

"The workshops allowed me to evaluate my current care level and guide me in future decisions. It feels good to be able to know information that maybe your healthcare team has not mentioned. Now I can have a good conversation with the team."


"The workshop on exercise was extremely helpful in giving me tools to improve my physical wellness and the quality of my life."


"The coping skills, along with new information, provided me wth a number of 'aha!' moments. I have been very fortunate with my transplant and post-transplant experiences. However, I definitely learned so much more than I would have from my oncologist (just due to time limits in appointments).  Thank you!"


"It was helpful to feel I was among so many survivors. To hear others ask questions or comment about their issues made me feel less alone."


"This was the most informative weekend I have ever spent glued to my PC. I was like a sponge taking in all the information and taking notes. One of the positives I will take from this year's COVID pandemic is to have been able to attend this year's symposium virtually."