Welcome to the Caring Connections Program

If you or a loved one is going to have a transplant, chances are you're feeling scared and overwhelmed. 

BMT InfoNet's Caring Connections Program can help!

More than 1,000 transplant survivors and family caregivers have volunteered to provide support to others facing a transplant.

Talk with someone who:

  • has been through a transplant
  • understands how you feel
  • can provide non-medical information and emotional support
  • can offer tips for coping with household and job responsibilities, the needs of other family members, and more.

Request a Caring Connection

To request a connection with a survivor, family member or donor simply fill out the form below. If you have questions phone BMT InfoNet at 888-597-7674.

Please! Do not request a Caring Connection for anyone other than yourself, unless the person has explicitly asked you to do so. 

Volunteer to Be a Caring Connection

If you are a transplant survivor or caregiver and would like to volunteer to help others through the Caring Connections Program, click here.

Request a Caring Connection