When you're diagnosed with blood cancer, the bills can really pile up.

Paying for gas, parking, airfare, groceries, out-of-town meals, housing costs, phone bills, and keeping the lights and heat or air conditioning turned on...

It can be a real challenge while you, or a loved one, is fighting for life.

It's especially difficult when the patient or caregiver can no longer work and has no income.

In honor of  Blood Cancer Awareness Month, please make a generous donation to BMT InfoNet's Patient Assistance Fund.

Every dollar you donate will help keep a transplant or CAR T-cell therapy patient focused on surviving and thriving, rather than worrying about mounting debt.

You can donate in honor of a loved one, or in memory of someone whose life you cherished.

"Thank you so much! Every dime matters when resources are slim to none. Please accept my appreciation for BMT InfoNet. We couldn't do it without you!" - Kevin, Patient Assistance Fund recipient