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Caring Connections


Welcome to the Caring Connections Program


If you or a loved one is going to have a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant, chances are you are feeling scared and overwhelmed. 

BMT InfoNet's Caring Connections Program can help!

More than 1,000 transplants survivors and their their family members have volunteered to provide support to others facing a transplant.

For Patients....

 Talk with others who:

  • have been through a transplant
  • understand how you feel
  • can provide non-medical information and emotional support
  • can offer tips for coping with household and job responsibilities, the needs of other family members, and more.

In most cases, our Caring Connections Program can connect you with a survivor who had the same diagnosis, same type of transplant and is approximately the same age. 

For Family Members and Marrow or Stem Cell Donors...

If you are a family member of a patient, or a marrow or stem cell donor, you can use the Caring Connections Program to find others, like you, who have helped a patient through transplant.

Request a Link

To request a link with a survivor, family member or donor simply fill out the form below. If you have questions phone BMT InfoNet at 888-597-7674.

Please! Do not request a Caring Connection for anyone other than yourself, unless the person has explicitly asked you to do so. 

Volunteer to Help Others

If you or a family member has already been through a transplant and would like to volunteer to help others through the Caring Connections Program, click here.

The Caring Connections Program is made possible, in part,

by a generous grant from Spectrum Health.


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