BMT InfoNet's Resource Directory

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BMT InfoNet's Resource Directory is a great resource for transplant patients and their loved ones.  The directory lists organizations that provide vital information and support.  Search for help on the following issues/topics:

  • Preparing for Transplant

    • Transplant Basics
    • Finding a Transplant Center
    • Clinical Trials
    • Finding a Donor or Being a Donor
    • Family Caregivers
    • Emotional Support
    • Financial Help
    • Pediatric Transplants
    • Preserving Fertility
  • Planning for Survivorship

    • Managing Your Health Long-Term
    • Graft-versus-Host Disease
    • Nutrition after Transplant
    • Attention, Memory and Learning Challenges
    • Chronic Fatigue and Sleep Problems
    • Sexual Health after Transplant
    • Insurance and Employment
    • Complementary/Integrative Medicine
    • Pediatric Transplant Survivors
    • Young Adult Survivors
  • Information about Specific Diseases

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